Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)


Elnux, JSC provides contract electronics manufacturing services for a variety of industries. Whether your company is in the telecommunications, industrial control, medical, computing, multi-media, automotive or peripherals industry, we are your electronics manufacturing services partner, delivering flexible and timely solutions to help build the products that will transform your business into reality at a time. Our manufacturing facility is equipped with state of Germany based technology modern MIMOT placement machines. We realize PCB assembly in surface mount technology efficiently from a component size of 0402 and boards up to 440 x 300 mm with a maximum capacity of 12,000 placements per hour.


  • Supply chain
    • PCB
    • Stencils
    • Components
  • SMT assembly
    • Any type of PCB assembly
    • 1 full automatic and 1 semi automatic SMT lines
  • THT assembly
    • Manual assembly
    • Soak soldering
    • ROHS or leaded soldering
  • Testing services
    • Firmware upload
    • Functional testing
    • Rework
  • Final product assembly
  • Packing and delivery
  • After-sales service


  • No requirements of MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)
  • Orientated to customer specific needs
  • Fast response to new needs of the customer
  • Optimal ratio between quality and price
  • Capability and Reliability
Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)

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PCB Assembly


Printed circuit board assembly, also known as PCBA, it is the process of mounting various electronic components to a PCB. Once electronic components are soldered on the board is called Printed...

SMT Stencils


These solder paste stencils are designed for high volume screen printing on printed circuit boards. Each SMT stencil is custom made for your own PCB boards using your Gerber or CAD files. Key...