Many years of experience in electronics made us become a young company which called Elnux, JSC focused on Embedded Systems. We believed and trusted to ourself for providing solutions using those many years of experience to customer satisfaction in long/short terms.

Elnux, JSC specializes in electronic manufacturing service, original design manufacturing and own products; system on modules, single board computers, GSM remote controllers and low powered embedded devices. Our R&D and manufacturing possibilities helps us to develop client specific or our own products in short time with exceptional quality and price without help of third company.


VİS.png      Vision

                To bring smart, innovative and sustainable embedded solutions to embedded world.


MİS.png      Mission 

               Create, design and manufacture products for providing optimal solution to your business.


VAL.png      Values

               Passion: We are passionate about our vision, our goals and our commitment to serve our employees and customers.

               Integrity: We earn your trust through honest and ethical business practice.

               Innovation: Our focus is on developing new products using the most advanced technologies and customer-based experiences.

               Partnership: We commit to long-term mutual success with customers and employees.

               Leadership: Our goal is always to be the leader in our targeted markets.

               Diversity: We strive to diversify our products and services to serve specific industry needs.