PCB Assembly


Elnux, JSC production line is very flexible, we would like to share this service with you as one of our product therefore we offer prototype unit production, medium and large scale production at very good price with high quality control.

Printed circuit board assembly, also known as PCBA, it is the process of mounting various electronic components to a PCB. Once electronic components are soldered on the board is called Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA).

Our capability at PCB Assembly

  • Surface Mount (SMT) Assembly: Capable of small volume SMT prototyping PCBs with both automated and manual assembly.
  • Ball-Grid-Array (BGA) Assembly: Equipped with advanced automated BGA placement equipments.
  • Through-Hole Assembly: Components are placed by inserting leads into holes that covered with solder. Both automated and manual through-hole assembly are available.
  • Mixed Assembly: Both SMT and Through-Hole components will be placed on the PCBs. Single or double side mixed assembly is available.

How to order PCB Assembly Services?

1.Get our PCB assembly quote file and fill it. You will face very basic questions as; quantity of PCBs, number of components, unique parts, SMT parts, THT parts and PCB sides.

2.Clearly describe your needs and send flowing files by email to us sales@elnux.eu

  • PCB assembly quote
  • Pick&Place files (.xls or .csv)
  • Assembly Drawings (.pdf)
  • Bill of Materials, BOM (.xls)
  • Technology Sheet (.pdf)

3.Our dedicated sales manager will response you in 1 working day with our proposal.