SMT Stencils


We offer best quality precision laser cut SMT stencils for reasonable price with or without frames. Stencils are available for prototypes, small production solder paste applications and for mass production applications.

These solder paste stencils are designed for high volume screen printing on printed circuit boards. Each SMT stencil is custom made for your own PCB boards using your Gerber or CAD files.

Key points

  • Reduce the tedious process of hand soldering your prototype circuit boards
  • Reduce PCB prototype assembly time
  • Improve quality of your prototype printed circuit boards
  • Excellent Print Performance
  • Excellent for High-Volume Stencil Printing on printed circuit boards

How to order SMT Stencils?

1- Clearly describe your needs and send solder paste file by email to us

2- Our dedicated sales manager will response you in 1 working day.