After Sales


Elnux, JSC provides provision of services, support and custom changes after making an initial sale. We can either support the efforts of your existing in-house team or provide a complete turnkey support solution.

Even after a product or service has been sold, customer service and loyalty is of particular importance. Elnux, JSC considers after sales service rather as a support to able to increase customer satisfaction and cope with their needs and wishes. For us after sale service does not only bind customers closer to the company, it also generates a proper competitive advantage when it comes to the decision to buy a product or service. Therefor we offer highly qualified service and product oriented support to be able to stand out against our competitors.

Key Points

  • Delivery and Distribution.
  • Customer Satisfaction and Retention Marketing.
  • Responds to Customer Complaints in Real-time.

How to order after sales service?

1. Clearly describe your needs, requirements and send them to us by email

2- Our dedicated sales manager will response you in 1 working day.