New Project Initiation


When the business problem or opportunity is identified; Elnux, JSC is able to provide a solution, form a project and deliver specified project/product to your needs.

The purpose of new project initiation is a project kickoff meeting which introduce Elnux team, understand the project background, understand what success looks like, understand what needs to be done and agree on how to work together effectively. This stage is a change to level which gets Elnux team and you on the same page.

What steps do we flow?

1. Reservation: Reserve time for kickoff meeting, you can simply email us or call.

2. Initiating: Clearly define requirements.

3. Negotiation: Terms of specification, cost and quantity.

4. Planning: Confirm the feasibility study and outline the development plan.

5. Executing: Execution of the project.

6. Monitoring and Controlling: Weekly progress and status reports.

7. Samples and Tests: Prepare engineering sample and functional test by customer.

8. Safety approval: Certifications.

9. Closing: End of project.

10. Production and delivery: Mass production and logistics.

11. After Sales: Technical support and maintenance.