Hardware Development


Elnux, JSC developing electronic hardware from idea and schematics to PCB layout and ordering the first prototype. For us PCB layout is not just connecting components on a printed circuit board but depending on the task, many factors may have an influence; width of the tracks, isolation distance, via types, signal speeds etc. We take care of all those key points for your hardware.

Schematics and PCB design starts as part of a project, Elnux, JSC has a tradition of going on site for the critical design and verifications. In that way we can form and understand your real own design staff, project specifications and co-operating closely.

Key points

  • Simple to complex multilayer PCB design
  • Impedance controlled high speed digital design
  • Mixed analogue and digital design

How to order hardware development?

1. Clearly describe your needs, requirements and send them to us by email sales@elnux.eu

2- Our dedicated sales manager will response you in 1 working day.