Elnux, JSC offers full turnkey and consignment-based orders for all your electronic needs. We are committed to high quality standards and excellent customer service to meet individual needs of each customer and deliver the best product available in a timely and friendly manner.

Elnux, JSC offers to our customers from various industries a comprehensive service for their electronics products. Our strength is the flexible and deadline-compliant production of complex assemblies under the highest quality standards. We assume responsibility for the production of your product, from material procurement and logistics through to device assembly and final packaging of your products.

Key Points

  • Surface mount technology.
  • Continuous flow manufacturing.
  • BGA, micro-BGA, fine-pitch.
  • Rapid response prototype.
  • Thru-hole Mixed technology.
  • Double-sided mixed technology.
  • Prototype assembly.
  • Module to final system assembly.
  • Custom test fixture design and build.

How to order after manufacturing service?

1. Clearly describe your needs, requirements and send them to us by email

2- Our dedicated sales manager will response you in 1 working day.